Improving your impact on the environment

Legal and regulatory advice and support from one of the UK’s first Net Zero law firms.

We recognise the climate and ecological crises need our urgent attention. We’re committed to working alongside our clients to identify the challenges and opportunities we face together - and how to meet them.

How we help

Whether you’re a business or a charity looking for small (or significant!) ways to make a change, or a purposeful organisation committed to positive environmental impact, we have the expertise to help. We can support you in making sure your organisational strategy is ready for the risks and opportunities presented by the climate and ecological crises.  We’ll help you translate what that means into your contractual relationships, your governance, and your policies, as well as who you might want to engage with to amplify your own efforts and impact.

Even a small change to your standard contracts and agreements can have a wide ripple effect throughout your operations and supply chain. As a Net Zero law firm, we understand the significant impact of supply chains in managing your carbon footprint. And in addition, choosing Bates Wells over another higher-emitting advisor means you’re not just accessing our experience – you’re lowering your scope 3 emissions too.

Across the full range our services, our specialists are primed to help you fulfil your environmental ambitions – like our Real Estate team, experts in positive impact and sustainable premises. Or our impact investment team, advising investors and intermediaries on sustainable finance.

And if your organisation’s primary purpose is environment- or climate-focused, we have the expertise to help your deliver your mission. Our multidisciplinary team has a deep knowledge of charity and campaigning law, as we act for more top charities than any other firm in the country. We advise regulators and government organisations too – giving us the inside track on our clients’ issues.

We act for many clients who are tackling the climate emergency and ecological crises in different ways, such as Carbon Tracker, CDP, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Triodos Bank and Woodland Trust.

Active collaboration

The solution to these crises requires a collective effort. We’re sharing our experiences with other law firms and representative bodies; with other professional networks; with regulators, civil society, academics and our staff. We want to mainstream the questions that need to be asked and the behaviours that need to be adopted, to help us all on the path to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

Meet our team
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