Impact Real Estate

We mitigate the risks of this evolving landscape and help your portfolio to thrive while creating long term positive impact on value.

Our real estate team help with all legal issues related to the building and development of sustainable projects, including advising on the mitigation of risk to ensure long-term positive impact throughout our clients' portfolios.

How we help

We offer advice on green leases, green loans and sustainable financing options while providing first-hand knowledge on developments via our Impact Real Estate group, a forum for organisations that want to explore and better understand how to utilise their premises to enhance their positive impact on the environment and society.

It can be hard to know where to start when thinking about how to implement sustainable practice throughout your portfolio. We take pride in breaking this challenge down into manageable steps, so our clients can quickly begin to achieve their sustainability goals in a practical way. We adopt this approach when educating our clients throughout the building and development of sustainable projects, including on wellbeing in real estate.

As a B Corp, we know sustainability inside-out. After achieving net-zero in 2019, we’re perfectly placed to help you achieve your ESG agenda. We also advise on environmental and sustainability issues, including green financing, helping your portfolio to thrive while creating long-term positive impact on its value.


We already work with various partner organisations to look at ways in which we can bring about meaningful effective change in the Real Estate sector to help move towards a life where the built environment no longer negatively impacts on the environment and society.  We’re always looking for new opportunities to work with other organisations who have a similar objectives.

Whatever your role is in real estate, we can advise on the full property life cycle and help you to influence sustainability through your building strategy.

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