Looking after your people

Your people are the lifeblood of your organisation. We’ll support you in getting the best from them - while doing your best for them.

People-friendly, jargon-free employment contracts. An employee handbook that emphasises employee needs and perspectives. Policies and procedures that treat your staff fairly and with respect. Employee benefits that motivate and celebrate good work. We understand what you need to create the right working environment for your staff. We have the expertise - and as the first UK law firm to certify as a B Corp, we share these priorities for our own people.

How we help

With equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) high on the agenda for all organisations, we can support you in creating and sustaining a culture that nurtures EDI. We advise on recruitment policies and practices that will support social mobility and a diverse workforce, including on lawful positive action. We’ll ensure that your employee handbook and your contracts cement a positive approach to diversity and inclusion.

If your organisation is reflecting on what can be done better, we can provide end-to-end support on investigations and consultations.

We can help you to build a sustainable workplace culture, attracting and retaining the best employees while creating systemic positive change around your environmental goals. Green clauses can be used in employee handbooks and contracts to enshrine climate responsibility across your organisation, from board level to each individual employee, and in all areas of work from commuting and travel policies to performance management and learning and development.

If a grievance or disciplinary situation occurs, we can help you to build processes that are respectful to all parties and assist you with resolution, via innovative use of mediation. We can also provide training and support on managing difficult conversations and situations.

  • We can provide a full suite of contracts, policies, procedures, and guidance that reflect your values and support your culture
  • We advise on the implementation of employee incentivisation schemes and benefit programmes
  • Our Real Estate team can advise on how your physical premises can support employee wellbeing, particularly in the new world of hybrid working
  • Advising on legal structures such as employee ownership
  • We give empathetic advice on grievances, disciplinary procedures, and mediation
  • For charities, we can offer advice not just on managing your employees, but also your volunteers. We’ll draft your volunteer policies and agreements and help you to understand when a volunteer may be entitled to rights under employment law.
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