Planit IE is a design practice that pioneers sustainability and puts the long-term health of the environment and communities it works with at the heart of everything it does. Earlier this year, we rewrote their articles of association and employment contracts to better reflect their B Corp values.

Our first step was to gain a better understanding of how the business operates, who its people are, and, most importantly, why it does it what it does. We really got to know what makes Planit IE unique.

We then set about including that DNA into its articles of association. Planit IE’s articles now better reflect its mission and values, helping to future proof the business over the long term, so it stays true to its core principles. For example, we added Planit IE’s formal commitment to have a material positive impact on society and the environment as a whole into its articles.

We also helped to make Planit IE’s employment contracts more people-focused and user friendly, while at the same time providing balanced protection for the business. We re-wrote the contracts so that it followed the employment relationship life cycle and amended the language to make it more inclusive, using neutral language where possible and removing as much legalese as possible.

We recognised that the employment contract reflects a reciprocal relationship and that it should be balanced, as well as commercial and protective. After all, protecting the business means protecting all its team members.

We couldn’t find any clear guidance around changing our A&Ms or whether it was even possible to have a ‘friendly’, plain-English contract. Bates Wells listened, advised, shared and did everything they promised, in a friendly, inclusive and educating manner. Our ‘new DNA’ is now in place and we are glad we found them!

Pete Swift, Co-Founder of Planit IE