The national press have featured Bates Wells’ role in the Uber Supreme Court appeal case over the employment status of Uber’s drivers in the UK.

Paul Jennings and Rachel Mathieson from our Employment team are representing Mr Farrar and Mr Aslam in the case, both of whom are Uber drivers and Claimants in the case. Paul and Rachel have been assisted by trainee solicitor Kyle Hefford.

Over the next few days the Supreme Court will hear Uber make their final appeal to overturn a previous ruling that its drivers are workers rather than independent contractors. This matter has significant implications for workers’ rights and, in particular, for those who work within the gig economy, and has produced widespread press interest in recent months.

Comments from Paul and Rachel have been picked up by a variety of publications, including the Financial Times highlighting Paul’s comment that “this is the most important employment status case for a decade….It’s a defining case considering how many people work in the gig economy” and City AM referencing Paul’s comment that the case would hinge on whether “the written contract that Uber has with its drivers reflects the reality of its relationship with the drivers”. Rachel also spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, who referred to it as “the employment case of the decade“.

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