Bates Wells is committed to acting in the public interest ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information obtained by the firm in its day-to-day activities. We also recognise our activities have an impact on the environment and accept a responsibility to continually work to minimise that impact through the management of the way we conduct our business.

We operate comprehensive quality, environmental and information security management systems suitable for “the provision of professional legal and advisory services”. Our strategy for continued commitment to these systems is as follows:

  • Remain committed to developing, maintaining and improving quality, environmental and information security management systems and ensuring we meet the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.
  • Continued compliance with all contractual, legal, regulatory and other requirements applicable to our firm including those related to information security and environmental legislation.  
  • Specific quality commitment to:
    • ensure our clients’ needs and expectations are understood and met with the aim of enhancing and continually improving client satisfaction.
  • Specific commitment to the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, including a commitment to:
    • maintain net zero emissions by reducing our carbon footprint through the management of our energy and transport requirements and balancing residual emissions with external projects;
    • promote efficient use of resources through the reduction of waste and promotion of recycling;
    • reduce our environmental impact as much as possible within our supply chain including having specific environmental provisions within our procurement policy and procedures;
    • learn, apply and promote environmental best practice through our association with external entities such as the Legal Sustainability Alliance; and
    • continue to invest in our paperlite working environment.
  • Specific information security strategy based on:
    • a risk assessment framework that includes a defined methodology and a documented risk tolerance; and
    • ensuring the organisation applies relevant controls as part of a risk-based approach to business management.

Our ultimate objective is to eliminate business risk, or reduce it as far as is practicable.

  • Maintain our B Corp certification through each three year review and improve our score where possible.
  • Give our management systems purpose and direction through measurable objectives based on this policy, on the results of risk assessment activity, our overall business strategy, and through conducting management reviews of their effectiveness and ensuring the availability of resources.
  • Encourage responsibility by communicating this policy statement to our clients, our people, and any other interested parties making it available to the public.

Last reviewed 29 July 2021