Watch our free training session, delivered by specialist employment lawyers and accredited civil and commercial mediators.

During this online training session we provided HR teams and managers a clear and comprehensive understanding of:

  • The advantages of mediation.
  • How mediation works in practice.
  • The necessary preparatory steps.
  • When mediation is likely to be appropriate and successful.
  • How organisations can imbed mediation as an effective part of internal dispute resolution processes.
  • How to upskill managers and business partners.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Rachel and Paul directly, they will be happy to help.

More upcoming online events:

Live Employment Update, 12 May 3pm

We provide practical commentary on case law and legislation developments and give you a host of ideas to help you add value to your role. This instalment will keep you up to date with January and February employment and immigration law updates which directly impact your organisation.

Relationships at work, 16 June 11am

In many cases a personal relationship between members of staff will not interfere with work, however personal relationships between staff who are working alongside each other can become problematic.

During this session we will consider:

  • the right to respect for private and family life
  • the collision between the private and public spheres, and common challenges from a management perspective
  • how organisations can articulate and implement a clear framework to support their people, whilst guarding against legal and practical risks
  • common mistakes made by organisations when trying to manage workplace relationships
  • lessons and practical tips