Independent schools

It's about choice.

Independent schools are an important part of the diverse education landscape that Bates Wells works across. As the leading law firm for charities, it is natural that we advise independent schools, many of which are charities themselves.

Today, much of our work for independent schools involves advising on the establishment of new schools or on the acquisition or sale of independent schools, often involving an international element, or increasingly in their collaborations with state-funded schools.  

How we help

We are experienced in advising on the acquisition and sale of charitable independent schools, with expertise in the structuring of how best to take on the land and other assets of the school. This often involves advising in relation to complex charity law and education law issues (such as obtaining necessary consents), undertaking legal due diligence, and advising on TUPE and pensions. We also regularly advise on the sale of schools.

We advise non-charitable independent schools on the process of converting into charities.

We advise on issues that are distinct to independent schools including parental contracts, charity law regulation (including serious incident reporting), fee collection and inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

We also advise on all the issues that are common across the whole education sector such as pupil welfare and safeguarding, complaints and appeals, immigration, data protection, commercial contracts, and intellectual property.

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