A fast-growing specialism for a fast-growing sector

Instant international transfers. Crowdfunding platforms. Banking apps. Big ideas from FinTech companies mean we’ll never transfer, borrow, protect or manage money in the same way again.

How we help

Our expertise in the technology sector and knowledge of financial services regulation make us a one-stop-shop for FinTech clients. As you’d expect, that includes organisations that are passionate about using finance for social or environmental good.

We’re far from new to FinTech. We’ve supported the UK Crowdfunding Association since 2012. We work with FCA’s Project Innovate. And we’ve advised more than 40 alternative finance platforms. Today, FinTech is one of our fastest-growing specialisms.

Our complete service supports FinTech organisations at any stage of their growth.

If you’re starting out, we’ll guide you through the regulations around getting authorised. Then we’ll support you with the legal side of buying or implementing your technologies.

Ongoing compliance is crucial, so we’ll also help you develop the training courses and compliance frameworks to stay on the right side of regulation.

We can be your sounding-board. When you come up with a new idea or product, we will help you bring it to market.

And we can’t forget your customers. We’ll make their lives easier by making your standard documents, such as terms and conditions, clear and jargon-free.

Meet our team
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