Think the new Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill doesn’t apply to you? Think again, particularly if you rely on annual subscriptions and membership fees for revenue. This huge Bill will impact trading organisations (big and small, including not for profits) in significant but different ways. You can however engage with Parliament now and ensure your point of view is heard.

In my earlier article here, I touched briefly on these potential new requirements. Charities and those active in the culture, heritage, and sporting sectors could be significantly affected with much heavier regulation if the draft provisions of the Bill are accepted. They likely mean changed procedures, more administrative cost, a potential drop in renewals, more scrutiny by regulators and heavy penalties for non-compliance.

Parliament has now issued a ‘call for evidence’ from anyone with “relevant expertise and experience or a special interest” in areas covered by the Bill. The House of Commons Public Bill Committee will consider this external evidence as part of its forensic examination of the Bill.

If you want your point of view to be heard, you need to send your submission to the Committee as soon as possible. Its first sitting is on 13 June 2023, and it is due to complete its assessment by 18 July 2023 (or sooner). Send your submissions to [email protected].

For more information about submitting evidence, head to the UK Parliament website, Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill: call for written evidence.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Lindsay Draffan, Head of Competition in our corporate and commercial team.