Oliver Scutt and Phillippa Holland have recently written for Philanthropy Impact on how the impact of COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented global shutdown as governments raced to halt the spread of the virus, save lives and keep their economies afloat.

As the pandemic shockwaves will have a myriad of consequences for years to come, their article raises a key question: how (if at all) will this emergency change our approach to society and business?

From an investment perspective, the demand for capital in the recovery phase will be hotly contested. In that regard, how investment decisions are made and capital deployed will hold a mirror to our priorities and values, reflecting the lessons we have learned (or failed to learn) and determining our trajectory on an individual, national and global scale.

So what could a recovery look like and what are some of the key elements that might broaden the horizon for investors?

To find out more and read the rest of Oliver and Phillippa’s thoughts on this topic, click here to download your copy (and head to page 22).