People-friendly employment services for B Corps

We can maximise your impact by developing systems and policies that harness the power of your employees.

We understand that you want to reflect your values in the way you manage your people – from people-first policies and procedures through to an ethical approach to performance management and disciplinary action.

How we help

As a B Corp you need to have clear and documented policies and processes in place to support your people, including an employee handbook. In building on your employee handbook, you can improve your impact in line with the questions under the Worker Empowerment section of the B Impact Assessment (BIA).

The BIA also asks you about anti-corruption reporting and systems and anti-bribery and ethics policies as well as employee feedback and complaint mechanisms. Our employment team are skilled at developing systems, processes and policies that will help you to operate to the highest standards for your organisation, your people and in line with fairness and social justice.

We work with our clients to make their employment contracts more people focused and user friendly while at the same time providing balanced protection for the business. We can re-write your contracts to make them more inclusive, using neutral language and removing as much legalese as possible.

Our team see employment contracts as representing a reciprocal relationship, so they should be balanced while also being commercial and protective.

Meet our team
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