We have been helping our clients with a range of immigration queries during the coronavirus pandemic.

Business Immigration

We have been busy advising our clients in relation to the impact of coronavirus on their UK recruitment plans for international workers based in the UK and overseas, as prospective employees are not receiving decisions on visa applications during the pandemic. In relation to our clients’ existing employees, we have also been advising on the potential impact on their current and future UK visas as a result of them being stranded overseas and unable to return to the UK to continue work. We have also been giving critical strategic advice to clients with sponsor licences on immediate issues such as sponsorship duties and mandatory UKVI sponsorship reports, including the coordination and submission of supporting documents to UKVI under the current remote working conditions. We are ready and waiting to help you with any of your immigration concerns during the coronavirus pandemic, just get in touch with our team today and we’d be happy to assist you.

Personal Immigration

On the personal side, we have been advising clients on the impact of coronavirus on applications to come to or remain in the UK, including how to protect their status if they are stuck here and unable to leave as planned, and any relevant UKVI concessions being granted. We have been advising all in-country clients in relation to the submission of their biometrics (a key part of the application process), as all relevant centres in the UK are currently closed due to the lockdown. We have also given strategic advice in relation to the timing of applications to those whose economic situation has changed due to the crisis, and to those who may be unable to meet certain requirements of the rules, such as sitting an English language test, at the time they need to apply for leave. We have also been advising clients on how their appeals are affected by the current crisis. This has included advising on new procedures put in place by the Tribunals for appeals to be heard remotely or with no oral hearing, how these measures may affect their cases, and how new directions from the Tribunals can be used strategically to their advantage. If think you may need advice on any of these areas, then please do get in touch.