Personal Immigration

Immigration law covers an array of needs and solutions. At Bates Wells, we have an unparalleled reputation in providing services to individuals and families, as much as we cater to employers, charities and organisations looking to secure the mobility and immigration interests of their workforces and their competitiveness.

We don’t see the two core parts of our work as separate, but rather as parts of a whole, and we work as one team.

Our approach

Navigating the UK’s immigration system as an individual, a couple or a family can be daunting in the extreme. The rules are often complex and are wrapped up in application systems which can feel inaccessible. That system and the rules are constantly changing, particularly now as the UK leaves the EU.

Our team can help guide you through the maze.

How we can help you

Sometimes the challenge is simply that you need to understand what lies ahead in making an application for a visa or a permit to live here. That might be a permit in your own right as an individual, perhaps in the short term, maybe with a view to establishing a long term right of residence here. You might have a partner who wants to join you here. Maybe you have already had an application refused. Your child might need to demonstrate that they are British. Your immigration situation might feel unresolvable.

We can start by analysing your needs and providing you with a road map. We’ll be clear, pragmatic and practical in how we advise you.

You might then conclude that you can take things from there, and we are happy to be flexible in the level of service you need. If however you want us by your side throughout a visa or permit application process, then we will be ready. Some cases are of course more complex and challenging than others and you will have at your disposal our expertise and knowledge, both as to what the law says and as to how UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will deal with any application. We won’t over-promise and will be clear with you if we think there isn’t a solution. At the same time we work hard to find a way forward for you.

We are in essence, problem solvers.