The case was brought against our client, the Green Party of England and Wales.

Today sees the judgment in Ali v Green Party of England and Wales.  Mindy Jhittay who represented the Green Party of England and Wales comments, “This case is significant as a decision which will be of great interest to political parties and campaigners of all kinds.  The majority of the claims against our client were dismissed, with the exception of one point that was upheld where the claimant’s removal had been procedurally unfair.  However, even in this, the judge was careful to specify that it is explicitly not discriminatory for a political party merely to remove a spokesperson on the grounds of belief (in this case, gender critical belief), provided it follows a fair procedure in doing so.”

Mindy goes on to say, “It is now beyond dispute that those with gender critical beliefs enjoy protection under the Equality Act. While those beliefs are protected, however, the issues with which they are concerned remain a matter of heated and ill-tempered political debate. This claim effectively asked the court to direct a political party in how to conduct that debate. It is to be welcomed that the court would not do so.”

The principles established in this judgment mean that political parties remain free to debate contentious issues, even in terms which might be considered offensive.

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