We’ll help you grow your MedTech business, navigate regulations and safely launch your latest medical app, device or product into the market.

Fitness and heartrate trackers. Virtual reality surgery for medical students. 3D printing for surgery simulations. More and more businesses are developing life-changing healthcare technologies.

How we help

Our medical technology lawyers have championed the advance of medical services for years. We support healthcare companies, medical device manufacturers, and investors – helping them handle commercial agreements, shareholder issues and regulations.

By combining our experience in technology and healthcare markets, we’ll help you safely launch new medical AI, apps and devices into the market.

If you’re a MedTech company, or thinking of investing in one, we can advise on the best structures, buying and selling, working with shareholders, incorporating other companies and restructuring.


We also deal with a host of medical regulators, including The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). So, we know the regulatory requirements you need to follow.

However big or small your MedTech business, we can help you navigate the many regulations that will help you grow your company or launch a new healthcare app, device or product into the market

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