Investments & endowments

We’ll help you make sure your charity’s funds are working in the best way for your beneficiaries - and beyond.

We can work with your charity to work within the legal framework around developing an ethical investment strategy that benefits not just your bottom line, but your wider positive impact.

Our social finance experts have been engaged in the impact investment movement from its earliest days, helping clients and shaping policy. We represented the Bishop of Oxford in the groundbreaking 1990 judgment that paved the way for trustees to divest from investments that conflict with their charity’s objects. We were instrumental in the creation of the statutory social investment power for charities and of Social Investment Tax Relief.

If endowments are key to your charity’s investment strategy, or you would like to set one up, we can provide advice rooted in years of experience of working with these structures. If you hold a “general” permanent endowment fund, or a restricted fund or endowment, and you need to access the funds, we can guide you through the constitutional and regulatory steps you may need to take.

How we help


We can:

  • Help to shape your responsible investment strategies
  • Review and advise on adopting investment policies and procedures
  • Support you in structuring social finance transactions and activities
  • Advise on the legal and regulatory considerations, such as interaction with charity law and FCA regulation, as well as other governance and constitutional issues.

Endowments and restricted funds

We’ll help you with:

  • Setting up a permanent endowment or permanent endowment structure
  • Identifying if a gift or donation is an endowment or a restricted fund
  • Releasing permanent endowments and accessing restricted funds.
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