We’ll help you look after your people, beneficiaries and local community.

If your organisation works with children or vulnerable adults, it naturally strives to protect these people. But in the wake of the “me too” movement and recent press coverage on exploitation and breaches of proper conduct, media and regulatory focus has also landed on the duty of care organisations have to their employees and volunteers, beneficiaries and the local community.

Regulators and the public are rightly paying even more attention to policies, processes and codes of conduct. And they’re doing more to make sure those standards never slip.

If you’re dealing with an issue, we’ll work quickly, sensitively, practically and, above all discreetly to deal with the matter. We’ll develop policies and processes to help you protect people and enable you to more easily manage these matters should they happen again.

How we help

If you’re affected by a safeguarding issue, no matter how contentious, we’ll advise you on your next steps. Whether you’re a service provider or purely a funder, working internationally or locally, not-for-profit or otherwise, we can help you review all the relevant policies and processes – especially those related to whistleblowing, harassment, disciplinaries and keeping staff and volunteers safe.

We’re specialists in national and international charity regulation, employment law, information law, human rights, equalities, education, health and social care and inquests and inquiries (in fact several team members are leaders in those fields).  We also help businesses rethink their ways of working.