This update was drafted before the COVID-19 pandemic and focuses on climate change and its impacts, in particular on how to manage the process of reducing your property’s emissions. Attention has now inevitably, and appropriately, been diverted to addressing the pandemic, however the articles in this update are still relevant to us all.

  • We start with a roundup of the latest news on environmental measures, from Beatrice Lewers
  • Climate change will inevitably impact our world and our lives, but there is much that can be done to mitigate its effects. Businesses and organisations can play a vital part in adopting the urgent changes that are needed. David Hunter urges us all to be change makers, not change takers.
  • Reducing workplace emissions is a vital part of the UK’s goal to achieve net zero emissions. It is obviously a worthwhile aim, but achieving it will often involve navigating complex landlord–tenant–supplier relationships. Will Scott and Karli Hiscock look at how to manage the process of making positive changes.
  • With buildings and the construction sector a significant contributor to carbon emissions, now is the time to look at reducing your building’s carbon footprint. Rebecca Rider provides a useful list of points to consider.
  • The rapid growth of impact finance in recent years has seen sustainability and socially responsible investing move to the top of the agenda. Malcolm Headley and Christina Tennant argue that real estate finance has to be at the heart of impact finance discussions.
  • And finally, Megan Vick provides our regular round up of significant recent case law.

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