Development and construction

We help your construction project run like clockwork.

Every construction project has challenges to navigate. If projects overrun, contracts are broken or work isn’t finished to a high standard, costs quickly escalate. Putting the right contracts, agreements and funding structures in place at the start is essential. As is settling disputes fairly and speedily.

That’s where we come in.

We advise developers and contractors, financial institutions, big businesses, charities, schools, social enterprises and individuals on the agreements they’ll need. We draft contracts and we step in during disputes. And we do that no matter how small your plot, or how big your commercial development might be.

How we can help

If you’re developing a property or buying or leasing premises that are under construction (or still need to be fitted out), our real estate team handle any legal issues you face.

We’ll draft and negotiate contracts for professionals and contractors you hire and arrange collateral warranties or third party rights and subsidiary documents, including parent company guarantees and performance bonds.

We’ll also draft and negotiate development agreements, leases, building contracts, joint venture agreements and funding structures. If you’re working with a developer to construct property in return for some of the land it stands on, we’ll advise you in relation to that too.

If problems come up during or after construction, we’ll swiftly and cost-effectively negotiate, mediate or arbitrate claims for:

  • losses when works overrun;
  • the costs of extra work;
  • quantum meruit (claims for a fair sum for the work done);
  • poor or defective work;
  • liquidated damages;
  • breach of contract; and negligence.

We are also experts in construction disputes, including contractual disputes and negligence claims

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