A charity’s brands – its names, logos and slogans – may be the most valuable things it owns. But is everyone in your organisation ‘BrandAware®’? Do they understand how to look after these key assets?

What can we offer you?

Our BrandAware® training is provided by our sector-leading trade mark lawyers.

It explores the key elements of legal brand awareness for charities:

  • What counts as ‘brand’ from a legal viewpoint – the basics of trade mark and copyright law;
  • When your people need to think legal, including: checking names and logos free to use, using your (and others’!) brands on social media, when and how to raise the alarm about other misusing your brands, and how best to fix things, sharing brands with others including licensing, professional fundraisers and commercial participators;
  • Common pitfalls for your charity in the branding sphere, and how to avoid them.

How could our training help?

In our experience, it’s important for all kinds of people working for a charity to know what to do – and what not to do – to ensure your brands are secure. Modern charities have many moving parts, and often things go wrong because legal and practical knowledge has not filtered through to your fundraising, social media, or campaigns teams, or anyone else who interacts with the outside world on your behalf.

Our BrandAware training draws on real-life examples – cases we’ve dealt with (anonymised of course – confidentiality is important to us). We also use tailor-made fictional case studies based on your own branding and trade marks to help your people connect more directly.

How long?

We aim for the session to last 90 minutes.


To make it easier our hybrid training can be held virtually via a Zoom meeting or in-person at Bates Wells, at a time convenient to you and your team. 

To find out more, get in touch with our Head of Trade Marks, Mathew Healey.