How to pre-empt, prepare for and manage if crisis hits

Our aim is always to help clients avoid a crisis in the first place. This training will help your trustees and Senior Management Team (SMT) plan for and put in place good governance to pre-empt certain crises arising. We’ll look at the regulatory environment in the context of your charity’s operations and how to navigate the polarised politics of our times.

However, a crisis can come from unexpected quarters and affect even the most well-run organisations. Through an interactive case study, your trustees and SMT will have an excellent opportunity for discussion of the practical steps to take if crisis hits.

How we can help

We will cover:

  • Operating in the current political climate for the benefit of your beneficiaries.
  • Governance trustee and SMT decision-making, urgent meetings & record-keeping.
  • Regulatory obligations including serious incident reporting.
  • Stakeholder management including beneficiaries, supporters& the wider public.
  • Crisis communications including issues of confidentiality, data protection and defamation.
  • Fraud and cyber-security.

Get in touch

To discuss your requirements and book in your training please speak to your usual contact at Bates Wells on 020 7551 7777, or contact Victoria Schneider, Senior Lawyer.