We’re specialists in the law relating to equity, diversity and inclusion and we put our hearts into achieving your EDI goals. As part of this, we provide training to board members, trustees, senior leadership personnel, and other team members and stakeholders in a wide range of organisations. We aim to provide confidence to your team that they understand the EDI landscape and your organisation’s obligations.

We can work with you to build a bespoke session, whether an hour, ½ or full day, covering topics including:

  • Understanding your obligations under the Equality Act – identifying protected characteristics and types of discrimination, understanding what you can and can’t do.
  • Bringing and defending Equality Act claims – disputes between organisations and their members, employee disciplinary action, dealing with investigations, navigating disputes in the context of the “culture wars”.
  • Governance and embedding EDI into your internal procedures – recruiting and retaining the right people, everyday “business as usual” EDI, how to use equality impact assessments, encouraging feedback from your people.
  • EDI and charity law duties and responsibilities of charity trustees.
  • Getting it right – when is it lawful to exclude people from membership or services? When is it lawful to treat some people more favourably than others? When and how should you make reasonable adjustments for disability? What are the regulatory implications of getting it wrong?
  • Case law roundup – recent legal developments and their implications for your organisation.
  • Managing data privacy issues connected with EDI surveys.
  • Structuring, implementing and navigating through relevant legal issues (including but not limited to the Equality Act) when setting up new programmes, investments or other projects to further your EDI goals.
  • Working with your beneficiaries, funding recipients and other stakeholders in a way that embeds your EDI principles and goals.

Training can be delivered in person to small or large groups or remotely via interactive webinar, whatever best suits your needs.

If you’d like to discuss bespoke training for your organisation, please contact Sung-Hyui Park (Partner) or Mindy Jhittay (Senior Associate).