Health & Social Care

We’ll look after you, so you can look after the people who need it most.

Caring and advocating for those in need can be a complex business. How do you stay up to speed with changing regulations, especially around hot-topic issues like safeguarding and fundraising? Would a different structure help you to deliver services more effectively? How do you manage increased scrutiny from regulators like the Care Quality Commission and the Charity Commission?

We’ve handled those challenges and many more. So, our clients – many of whom are health and disability charities focusing on children and vulnerable adults – can continue their good work.

How we help

Whether your challenge is commercial or with governance, regulations or litigation, you can rely on us for practical, strategic advice. (The benefit of being a full-service firm is that we can solve almost any legal problem affecting health and social care providers, charities, professional & trade bodies and ‘spin-outs’).

We can advise on everything from governance to real estate to tough staffing issues, including those around minimum wage.

If you’re grappling with compliance, or working within complex regulatory frameworks, we’ll help you navigate them. We also engage at the highest level in reform and regulatory matters.

If you’re an existing or aspiring mutual, we’re got the experience to set you up and help you thrive.


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