Businesses and charities are grappling with huge challenges caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Many will need to consider even more closely what risks their organisations, and they personally, may face - and what options they have when dealing with financial difficulties.

You may have concerns about the solvency of your organisation, or the solvency of an organisation you are currently under contract with or do business with. You may have concerns about the risks to you personally. Whatever your concern, our specialist team can help. Our experience and expertise means we can provide the best possible support, from guiding you through the appropriate insolvency procedures to basic debt collection to bringing or defending court proceedings.

We regularly negotiate on our clients’ behalf and our wider team can help with asset sales and related employment, intellectual property and real estate issues.

More specifically, we can help with: 

  • Advice on insolvency options and procedures
  • General debt collection and breach of contract claims
  • Preparation and service of corporate and personal statutory demands
  • Applications to court to set aside statutory demands
  • Drafting and filing winding up and bankruptcy petitions
  • Bringing or defending directors’ disqualification proceedings
  • Advising on wrongful trading
  • Bringing and defending court proceedings for injunctions and other court relief
  • Personal guarantees
  • Claims for misfeasance or breach of duty
  • Reviewable transactions including preference claims and transactions at an under value
  • Breach of common law duties

Our team has years of experience managing matters robustly yet sensitively. We will help you navigate through the process - in plain terms and in a commercial and pragmatic way.

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you. We are pleased to offer an initial 30 minute call free of charge.