People know you by your name and logos, domain name and websites. You will also use or create databases, software and written documents every day. These are often amongst your most valuable assets.  

Working with our in house trade marks team, we can help make sure you have the best possible intellectual property (IP) protection in place for these assets. This ensures you can carry on “business as usual” and, if you find out that anyone is trying to trade off your reputation, use your work as their own or take advantage of your confidential information, you can take action to stop them.

We advise extensively on IP claims, including trade mark infringement, comparative advertising claims, passing off, copyright infringement and database infringement for a wide range of clients in different sectors.

Claims are often resolved through negotiation or mediation, but if you need to take action in the courts we can represent and guide you through the process.

Our specialist expertise in the not-for-profit sector mean we are attuned to the unique challenges you face. We can help address the reputational concerns and regulatory obligations that arise when resolving disputes.

More specifically, we can help with: 

  • Advising on what to do if someone is using your name/brand, copyright work, databases or confidential information – whether deliberately or inadvertently – and considering all options for taking action to stop it
  • Enforcing trade mark and other IP rights at home and abroad, whether through litigation (working with overseas partners) or negotiated settlement.
  • Representing you in bringing, or defending, proceedings in the courts (High Court and Intellectual Property Enterprise Court)
  • Defending any opposition to your trade mark applications, or opposing another party’s application if their proposed mark is too similar to yours, at home and abroad
  • Advising on the regulatory implications of IP disputes, including reporting serious incidents to the Charity Commission and reporting to Ofqual under its General Conditions of Recognition.
  • Making sure that, when you partner with others, you have all the necessary permissions to use their IP (and perhaps vice versa). In particular we can review and/or negotiate licence agreements and advise on proposed fundraising campaigns.

Our team has decades of experience managing matters robustly and effectively. We will help you navigate through the process - in plain terms and in a commercial and pragmatic way.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about how we can help you. We are pleased to offer an initial 30 minute call free of charge.