We defend freedom of speech and protect reputations

The two are not mutually exclusive.

We recognise the vital importance of freedom of information and freedom of expression in a free society; we also recognise that reputation and privacy may need defending, in particular against unduly intrusive reporting and against fake news.

In relation to freedom of speech we act for authors, journalists, academics, campaigning orgaisations, membership bodies, book and newspaper publishers,  broadcasters, and citizen bloggers – keeping them out of trouble, or resolving disputes when they are in trouble.  We also assist businesses, people in the public eye and charities protect hard won reputations. We’ve handled landmark Freedom of Information Act cases and we specialise in new media and internet litigation. In 2000 we took the first ever case against a libellous, ‘anonymous’ emailer to court. We’ve broken ground ever since.

How we help

If defamation threatens your name, your privacy’s been compromised or your copyright’s been infringed, we’ll protect your reputation – in public, in print and online. We aim to give you fast, robust advice. We will seek to get material taken down, and to secure corrections and apologies. And if going to court is the only way to prevent publication or clear your name, we’ll start proceedings.

If you’re a publisher, we’ll support your right to speak out, to obtain information (including from public authorities and the courts) and report on the issues you uncover. We will seek to clear what you want to put out, against the law and any relevant regulatory codes (including the Ofcom Broadcasting code), and seek to give you realistic practical advice on the risks.  If things have gone wrong we will defend you in court or before the regulator.

We recognise that whoever you are, we may need to move very swiftly to protect your position.

Media Disputes

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