How we can help you prevent and cure fraud.

Fraud’s a disease that can attack your organisation from the outside or within. Whether you’re a charity or a business, we have the experience to help you recover – and to inoculate you against new attacks.

We can help you to:

  • track down the evidence and help you get your money back;
  • intervene early, investigate, and recover evidence in a forensically sound way;
  • work with the authorities, helping you follow regulations and reporting obligations for internal fraud;
  • recover money through civil action, often without needing to go to court.
  • manage your disciplinary and employment processes;
  • manage external fraud risks including cyber-fraud (ransomware, copied websites, online fraud, cloaked email addresses) as well as fraud by third parties who are managing your money;
  • work on your processes and policies – especially on communications, financial controls, data protection, bribery, corruption and early identification;
  • understand your trustees’ rights and obligations;
  • manage issues relating to website penetration testing, insurance, employment contracts and line management;
  • manage your reputation and protect your brand; and

We can also deliver bespoke training to your staff, to make sure they're equipped to prevent and cure fraud.

If fraud’s on your mind, gives us a ring or pop in for a free half-hour consultation. Ask for Rob Oakley or Mindy Jhittay on 020 7551 7777, or email  [email protected]