We’ve got the expertise to manage whatever challenges you’re facing.

Being an INGO is rewarding, but tough. Sending your teams and volunteers into often-difficult situations around the world can be present unusual challenges.

Then there’s compliance. You want to empower local partners to take ownership of development programs in their regions, but the need to balance this against compliance with strict UK regulations doesn’t make this easy.

We’ve felt those frustrations first hand. Many of our team are trustees of INGOs and their work couldn’t be closer to our hearts. The advice we give isn’t just legal, it’s personal – tailored to your context, culture and structure.

How we help

If you’re a UK charity working abroad, we’ll advise you on the best ways to partner with local NGOs; how to manage grants, and how to get to grips with different sub-contracting arrangements.

We’ll also advise on safeguarding – helping you protect your people and those you seek to serve - and on complying with the HMRC and Charity Commission’s guidelines for working abroad. (That includes following anti-bribery and anti-terrorism legislation.)

If you’re an overseas charity setting up in the UK, we’ll help you handle the details, including advising on real estate and employment issues and protecting your brand.

Wherever you are, if you’re grappling with governance and international structures, we’ll share our years of experience helping household names set up federations, alliances or association structures. Our disputes team have helped many NGOs avoid or resolve disputes in a sensitive and pragmatic way.

If you want your NGO to make an even greater social impact, we can advise you on strategic changes – including joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions.

Finally, if you’re looking for legal advice abroad, we have a full international network to call on. We’re founding members of the Parlex group as well as Esela - The Legal Network for Social Impact.