Training is an important part of how organisations comply with their data protection obligations.  It helps individuals understand their responsibilities when working for an organisation and handling personal data. Effective training should help to prevent data security breaches or misuses of personal data as well as to demonstrate an organisation's commitment to accountability – a key requirement under the GDPR.

The Data Privacy Team at Bates Wells can provide training for you and your organisation. We regularly provide training on all aspects of the GDPR and e-privacy rules. This can be training in person to small or large groups or remotely (where technology permits).

One of the central objectives behind the GDPR is to encourage a privacy focused culture. Cultures don’t typically change overnight – education and training are critical components to help individuals understand and implement change within their organisations. The GDPR requires controllers to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to demonstrate that their data processing meets the requirements of the GDPR. Training is a crucial way of implementing these measures and demonstrating that they are in place.

If you’d like to discuss your data privacy training requirements, please contact Victoria Hordern, Partner and Head of Data Privacy.